Starting Thursday,

December 11th

at 6:40pm


Itís all about the punch and a crunch,

a romp and a stomp

in this boot camp style cardio/sculpting class.


Youíll sweat and work like

Thereís No Tomorrow!!


Come and join Steve and Phil for this

exciting new free style class.






Who will do all this for you?


 Inspire You To Reach Your Goals

 Motivate And Educate You

Make You Stronger And More Fit

 Lower Stress Levels And Save You Time

Boost Your Energy Levels

Increase Your Flexibility

 Ensure You Exercise Safely

Help You Look Better

 GuideYouTo Be A Better Athlete

 ReduceYour Risk Of Injury

 BuildYour Confidence

 TeachYou Good Nutrition

 Show You Results


Your personal trainer!!


3 Personal Training Sessions


If you like your results after three sessions, you will receive a 10% discount on a personal training package.

*members who are training for the first time or havenít trained for six months




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