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Located within Global Fitness Center in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, Balanced Motion Physical Therapy offers comprehensive physical therapy intervention to address patients who possess a variety of orthopedic conditions incorporating evidence based practices. Each patient is evaluated and treated by a licensed, registered physical therapist. Treatment is determined and a plan is created based upon the findings of that evaluation, and the functional demands of the patient's work, personal and recreation life.

Balanced Motion Physical Therapy provides highest quality outpatient rehabilitative services to patients of all ages diagnosed with sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, lumbopelvic and cervical/thoracic pain conditions and movement dysfunction. Prenatal and postpartum programming as well as personal training services are also offered.

Although Massachusetts is a Direct Access State, Balanced Motion Physical Therapy requires a current prescription ordering Physical Therapy from either a Primary Care Physician or a Specialist prior to any evaluation or treatment. This is for your safety and to help ensure the best possible care for each patient. Evaluation and treatment plans will be communicated with the referring physician and/or any specialists involved in the care. Treatment may include: conditioning exercises, range of motion, strengthening exercises, postural realignment and training, body mechanics, and instruction in a home exercise program. Re-assessments are performed providing feedback to the referring physician. The treatment plan is constantly modified in response to the patient's progress with the goal being to allow the patient to return to the pre-morbid level of functional capacity.


To promote optimal healing and achieve wellness for you and your family. The goal at Balanced Motion Physical Therapy is to treat the whole body, not just symptoms in order to restore balance to the body and your life so that you can achieve long term results.


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Teri Halio
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Located within Global Fitness Center
11 Progress Avenue, Tyngsborough, MA 01879


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